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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 00:00



Houdini's Vaudeville Magic Show - Carte Blanche Studios -


Camera Dies, Houdini Appears; No Film at 11

—Carte Blanche Studios, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dec, 7, 2011


Something strange happened the opening night of “Houdini’s Vaudeville and Magic Show.” Until the headliner himself appeared, all seemed normal: The audience enjoyed performances by a classical guitarist, close-up magicians, comedian, Cher performer, poet, and the headlining act of the evening, Harry himself. The camera recorded every performance… except one.

Because of technical difficulties the camera did not record the return of Houdini. And this is not the first time this has happened.

What is “Houdini’s Vaudeville and Magic Show?”

Imagine entering Carte Blanche Theater and traveling back in time 100 years, mingling the past and the present to experience vaudeville like it’s never been done before. Jugglers, singers, dancers, comedians, artists and magicians all perform for you in an intimate theater setting. To top off the evening, the legendary Houdini appears on stage to perform the magic and escapes that made him the most popular entertainer of the early 20th Century.

Dan Pollack, Owner of got his ideas for the “Houdini Vaudeville and Magic Show” from several sources. Old movies of Vaudeville acts. Having seen and performed in countless magic and variety shows. Most notably, Dan is modeling one of the hottest shows in Vegas; Jeff McBride’s Wonderground. Jeff, along with his manager Tobias Beckwith, have also been consulting with Dan on the show.

“Houdini’s Vaudeville and Magic Show” is designed to give performers in the Milwaukee area an opportunity to showcase their talents in a safe and friendly home-town atmosphere. As Pollack says, “We’re hoping to revive a lost art – and at the same time give locals a chance to experience the best of local variety entertainment in a way that’s really fun for all. These entertainers make most of their livings performing at parties and special events, but when they come to our show, audiences get to experience them in a new and exciting way.”

Doors at the Carte Blanche Theater open at 7PM and the first act performs in the bar/reception area. Musicians play while close-up magicians perform magic within inches of the audience. At 8PM, the Cabaret Show starts. Variety performers and magicians fill the next hour with entertainment delights.

At 9PM, for the third and final act, participants enter into the theater and the Stage show begins. An ever changing array of variety performers from the region proceed to delight and amaze. The last act of the show is Dan Pollack portraying the “Return of Houdini.” The audience gets to experience what it would’ve been like to have seen Houdini perform.

Carte Blanche Studios  - Next Show, December 15th, 2011

1024 S. 5th. St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 455-3279

Don’t miss this event.

Third Thursday of every month. Every Month is a different show. Next show, December 15th. “Houdini for the Holidays!!!” Harry returns to perform Metamorphosis. Two people magically change places in the blink of an eye.

Doors open at 7PM. Cabaret at 8:00PM. Stage show at 9:00PM.

$10.00 admission. Get your tickets now because it looks like this show will be sold out in advance.

Go to For Ticket Information


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